Up Dates!

Messing around with other styles. Mainly brush pen and ink wash. Its all about learning and growing can't do the same routine for ever. BTW that last one with the smoking duck is a tshirt design I made for my band KIDS OF CASTRO.




Yeah, Ive been a little out of pocket lately. A few of my friends actually thought I had passed away. Im still here, and (sarcastic tone begins now) thanks for giving me a call, I like how my blog is the only means of knowing if Im alive.(end of sarcastic tone) Anyway here are some of my latest works. Been messing with a lot of brush pen lately, I really like the energy it brings to my drawings. There are also a couple of logos, and some of my usual stuff. Enjoy.


Red Austonaut

Getting back to basics with this quick illustartion. Did most of my work on paper, instead of on the computer. Im going to try and develop on this style a little more.